5 Reasons Every Adult Should be enrolled in the
Grills Jiu Jitsu Private Martial Arts Lessons Program 

The Ultimate Way To Build Confidence, Self-Esteem, Develop Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and Athletic Skills, While Having Lots of Fun!

Martial arts programs have been proven more beneficial than standard exercise programs for adults due to the fact that it combines getting in shape and learning a skill. The way the programs are set up with small, medium and long term goals along the way make it easy to gauge one's progress and aids in staying motivated and on track as the skill of martial arts increases.

But don't take our word for it, take advantage of our Internet offer and come and try it for yourself. You will find a martial arts program at our school to match your age, skill and schedule.

Our Internet Offer Includes:

  1. FREE Self Defence DVD (A $60.00 value).  If youíre among the first 25 to call. You can keep the DVD even if you decide the our Private Martial Arts Lessons is not what you are looking for.

2.     A Free Private Lesson." We will give this no-obligation private lesson to you no strings attached.

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These are some things you can expect to gain if you join our adult Martial Arts lessons.

Be in better shape

Martial arts is a healthy, cardio based exercise program that will help you realize your full potential. It will also give you self-defense training, confidence, and many other benefits.

"When I joined I thought I might get in good shape, but I had no idea my flexibility, coordination, and stamina would improve this much..."

ďWhen I joined I thought I might get in good shape, but I had no idea my flexibility, coordination, and stamina would improve this much. Iíve learned simple, but effective self defense that really gives me confidence. Even my girlfriend says she sees a big difference. I recommend any adults give martial arts a try. Itís fun and easy to learn with private lessons. Itís been great.Ē

Don Perry

Relieve stress and tension

Martial arts emphasize mind-body-spirit training, so it not only relieves stress and tension, but also adjusts your attitude and gives you a positive outlook on life.

Gain new confidence

Grills Jiu-Jitsu will build your confidence level so that you can confront and overcome the daily challenges that life so often throws your way.

It could save your life

At Grills Jiu-Jitsu our instructors teach ONE-ON-ONE reality-based, self-defense techniques under safe-learning conditions to ensure that you are prepared for virtually all scenarios.

Learning is fun

Adults are attracted to martial arts because our classes are always fun and exciting, and that accelerates learning and achievement.

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