Our Program Is For Parents Like YOU, Who Want The Very Best For Their Children!

Students who engage in regular fitness activities & have a normal body mass index perform better on tests for mathematics & language arts. Grills Jiu Jitsu training promotes MENTAL ALERTNESS & contributes to better academic performance. Grills Jiu Jitsu will improve your child's SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF CONFIDENCE, ATTITUDE, CONCENTRATION, SHYNESS & FITNESS LEVEL!

We know how important it is to teach good character values of self-respect, discipline, self-control, hard work & respect for others. Martial Arts instructors at Grills Jiu Jitsu support these values and help instill them in every student. You teach your child what is right ó Jiu Jitsu gives him the confidence & attitude to do whatís right in every situation.

Grills Jiu Jitsu fitness contributes to academic success, it contributes to a lifetime of good health. Overweight children are 70% more likely to become obese adults, developing cardiovascular disease & Type 2 diabetes. Children that receive 30 minutes & more of physical activity. Grills Jiu Jitsu can set your child on a lifetime path to good health, the foundation of a successful life.

As a loving parent, you want to be able to protect your child and keep them safe. Unfortunately, you canít always be there when your child encounters dangerous peers. Grills Jiu Jitsu teaches conflict avoidance and resolution techniques, & the skills they need to protect themselves from harm by others.

Grills Jiu Jitsu can successfully help kids with a wide variety of special needs adapt to the social demands of school & society. A study on the treatment of special needs children showed that Martial Arts training led to an increase in the social adjustment scores for developmentally disabled children (Davis and Byrd, 1975). Modified Martial Arts training increased the psychosocial skills for blind, developmentally disabled children (Gleser et al., 1992).
In our complex & competitive world, success means finding & being your personal best. As a concerned parent, you want to see your child fulfill their potential academically, socially & athletically. As a parent who goes the extra mile for your child, you want to see them achieve all of this, & develop good character. Grills Jiu Jitsu has a history of helping parents meet this goal, with a structured teaching program. Grills Jiu Jitsu instruction is the key to your childís success in school, on the playing field & among his peers. Grills Jiu Jitsu teaches discipline, mental focus, commitment to goals.
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