Private Jiu Jitsu Lessons

We have private lessons on a consistent on-going bases. You'll learn effective Self-Defense techniques that work today! Not 10 YEARS from now! You won't become bored with the same repetitive movements that you might do at the gym. At Grills Jiu Jitsu, you are constantly learning NEW FUN self-defense techniques! The private lessons are 1 on 1 & are 30 minutes in length. When you want a longer private lesson YOU CAN PUT 2 LESSONS TOGETHER FOR A 1 HR LESSON as long as the time is available. When you want to BRING A FRIEND, SPOUSE OR CHILD into the lesson at NO EXTRA CHARGE! 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL! Every lesson begins with a quick stretch then immediately into learning FUN EFFECTIVE techniques! Another advantage is you can schedule the lessons at a time that is most conveinent for you! WE'LL TRY TO FIT YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE! When your shift at work changes, we'll shift with you! When you go away for the summer & you let us know we can FREEZE YOUR PAYMENTS until you come back. YOU ALWAYS WIN WITH US! Our instructors are friendly. The lessons are taught with a SAFETY FIRST MIND-SET. We know that you are busy & do not have the time to be injured preventing you from going to work. At Grills Jiu Jitsu our instructors will accomodate any limitations physically you may have. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU HAVE FUN & LEARN EFFECTIVE JIU JITSU TECHNIQUES!

During the private lesson the instructor will work at YOUR PACE through a designed curriculum that gradually gets more challenging as you move up through the belt ranks. The instructor is always there to help you with any problems or questions you may have. Studies have shown that PEOPLE LEARN 7-17 TIMES FASTER WITH PRIVATE INSTRUCTION than just group lessons. Remember at Grills Jiu Jitsu 2 PEOPLE CAN HAVE FUN FOR THE PRICE OF 1! At Grills Jiu Jitsu there are NO BELT TESTING FEES EVER! You are tested during your private lesson when you are ready! Grills Jiu Jitsu is a great way to RELEASE TENSION, LOSE WEIGHT, INCREASE FLEXIBILITY, LEARN PRACTICAL SELF-DEFENSE, INCREASE SELF CONFIDENCE & INCREASE YOUR PHYSCIAL FITNESS LEVEL!

LETS GIVE IT A TRY! Call 705-876-8431 to schedule Your Trial Lesson Now Before There are no more spots left. Don't loose out!

Established 1995 Comitted to Quality Service
(Open 7 Days a Week)

NO CONTRACTS! Why sign a contract & pay for lessons you may not be able to attend when you can train without one!

NO BELT TESTING FEES! Belt testing takes place during your private lesson when you are ready.

2 FOR 1 SPECIAL! When you want to bring a Friend, Spouse or Child into your lesson. There Is NO EXTRA CHARGE!
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